Basic Information

First day of trading: July 11, 2013
Issue price: EUR 16.50
Total number of shares outstanding: 534,577,934
Issued share capital: EUR 534,577,934
LEI: 5299005A2ZEP6AP7KM81
Ticker symbol: VNA
Common code: 094567408
Type of shares: Registered no-par value shares
Stock exchange: Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Market segment: Prime Standard
Paying Agent: Deutsche Bank
Indices & Weighting: DAX (2.4%)
Stoxx Europe 600 (0.3%)
MSCI Germany (2.0%)
GPR 250 World (1.7%)
FTSE EPRA / NAREIT Europe Index (9.8%)
GPTMS150 (2.6%)
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Last update: 12/31/2018